Find out what it takes to grow your best hair possible.

You and your hair have a life-long relationship. But how well do you really know your hair? Our quiz is designed to help you get to know your hair on a whole new level so you can think about caring for your hair in a whole new way.

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How do you identify?

Let’s start by getting to know you better. Understanding your gender plays a part in helping us better understand your hair.

Close to 80% of Americans will experience hair loss in their lifetime? The good news is not all hair loss is permanent. We believe that knowledge is power and when you understand why poor hair health happens, you gain the power to help keep your hair healthy for as long as possible.

Did you know?
Did you know?
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How would you best describe your hair?

The texture of your hair helps determine the best ways to treat it.

Fine hair
Medium hair
Thick hair

This isn’t about how much hair you have, or don’t have. It’s about the thickness of a single strand.

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How dense is your hair? Choose the image that best represents your situation.

Understanding how much hair you have tells us how much support you need.

Full head of hair
Overall thinning
Hair loss in specific areas
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How often do you wash your hair?

Sometimes how we care for our hair can do more harm than good.

At least once a day
About every other day
Once or twice a week
Less than once a week
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Which of the following are true in regards to your lifestyle? Select all that apply.

There’s more to good hair than good genes. Simple lifestyle choices can help us better care for our hair.

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Which of the following foods do you include in your diet currently? Select all that apply

You are what you eat. Avoid deficiencies and promote hair growth by nurturing your hair from within.

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What’s your biggest hair concern?

Share your hair concerns and we’ll share our hair secrets.

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Select up to 5 hair goals

Tell us exactly how you want your hair to look and feel.

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What hair care solutions are you most interested in?

Select all that apply.

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Did you know?


of men by age 50 experience hair loss

Did you know?


of women by age 50 experience hair loss

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