Our philosophy is simple: We believe that the more you know about hair, the better you can support your system in growing and maintaining the best hair possible. That’s what we call a proactive approach to hair loss through holistic hair wellness. We’re fully committed to changing the conversations and misconceptions around hair loss by encouraging men and women to rethink how they treat their hair, from the inside and out.

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Who we are

Unified in our passion for hair, we’re a community of people who asked ourselves one question: Why aren't we talking about the best ways to support the health of our hair now as it’s best defense against loss later?

We knew developing an all-around support system for hair care meant offering an all-around support system for those looking for hair help. We knew the formulas would need to be clean and proven. We knew the products would have to fit effortlessly into any self-care routine. And we knew the practical and relevant hair health education we shared would need to put men and women fully in control of their hair wellness.

And so, after lots of bio-based research and testing, Grofully was born. A proactive and purposeful approach to hair health and wellness to help support you and your hair through the stresses surrounding hair loss.

The Grofully Commitment

We are fully committed to offering the best clinically proven treatments and tips to help you grow your best hair so you confidently live your best life. From science to solutions, we target and address the main causes of hair loss, putting people fully in control of the future of their hair and their happiness. We promise to never use drying and damaging sulfates, phthalates or parabens. We also love our furry friends, so GroFully is proudly vegetarian and cruelty-free.