How To Pick The Best Hair Loss Treatment

How To Pick The Best Hair Loss Treatment


2. Follicle Test


Pluck one strand of hair gently from your head, but make sure to grip it as close to the scalp as possible to have the root still attached to the hair.


Examine the follicle.

The normal root end of a healthy strand should be white and bulb-shaped. If the follicle is extremely small or without any bulb shape at all, repeat the test on another area of your head.


If you get similar results your hair may be showing signs of weakness and disrupted growth, starting at the root.


3. Blood Test


Seeing a practitioner and getting blood work done is always a good idea if you have hair loss concerns as sometimes you can't always see issues that lay below the scalp.


This test helps to determine and rule out if there is an underlying medical issue, i.e. a vitamin or mineral deficiency, a hormonal imbalance or a thyroid condition.


This is important, for instance, as it may appear that a person whose hair is thinning all over the scalp has hereditary hair loss, but it’s possible that the cause is actually an iron deficiency that is treatable.




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