Hair Loss Shampoo & Conditioner - How It Helps

Hair Loss Shampoo & Conditioner - How It Helps

With nearly 1-4 people suffering from hair loss at some point in their lives it’s clear that knowing how to maintain your mane matters, and sometimes it can be as simple as switching up your shampoo. Keep reading to learn more.


Who We Are


We're Grofully, a hair loss and regrowth brand, offering clinically proven and easy-to-use hair loss products and hair growth kits to men and women struggling with hair loss of all stages. We take a proactive and purposeful approach to hair health and wellness to help support you and your hair through the stresses surrounding hair loss with proven regrowth products that fit right into your routine.


We offer scientifically crafted hair loss shampoos, serums and supplements that work together to help men and women prevent, reverse or lessen the effects of poor hair health and fallout. From science to solutions, we target and address the main causes of hair loss, putting people fully in control of the future of their hair and their happiness.



Can a Hair Loss Shampoo Save My Hair?


From heat styling and dyeing to sun exposure and daily washing, your hair goes through a lot. So when it comes to how to best protect your hair from breakage, damage and future hair loss it’s important to start with the right shampoo to set up your strands and scalp for success.


When it comes to hair loss, it’s important to remember that how we treat our hair now affects the health of our hair later and oftentimes making small changes to our hair routine early can have a big impact as we age. For example, your hair-washing routine is something you will do your entire life and if you are using products that are doing more harm than good you may be affecting your scalp and hair health, hindering your hair growth results.



Here's Why:


Hair needs an optimal environment, inside and out, to complete a healthy growth cycle. Though the underlying causes of hair loss include hormonal changes, genetics and even stress, healthy hair and keeping your hair in its growth stage usually begins with a healthy scalp. Using a specially-formulated shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair can help improve scalp conditions that contribute to hair loss while also protecting your strands from future damage and breakage.

Certain shampoos, such as the Grofully Fully Repair & Regrow Shampoo, are formulated with a smaller molecule designed to penetrate into the hair shaft, scalp and follicle. This means it does the hard work of helping hair grow by infusing it with the good stuff your hair and scalp need, instead of merely coating the outer layer with silicones and drying sulphates, as some other brands do.   


It’s also full of vitamins, plant extracts and rich oils, such as ginseng root and peach extract, that are proven to help repair and support a healthy scalp microbiome and growth cycle for hair to grow long and strong.
When it comes to conditioners that help with hair loss, it’s important to look for formulas that include a combination of fatty acids and essential oils as these act as a natural lubricant to prevent split ends, seal in moisture and prevent hair breakage.



Conditioners, such as the Grofully Fully Hydrate & Heal Conditioner have specifically formulated plant-based ingredients, like brassica oil and algae extract, to help maintain your hair’s natural moisture balance for easy detangling and less breakage, while sealing split ends. 


 When used together, a hair loss shampoo and conditioner can help both cleanse and defend your hair from future fallout and damage by creating an optimal environment for hair to grow. And while switching your shower routine is a great first step to preventing or reversing hair loss, there are science-based serums, effective supplements, and convenient regrowth kits that you can add to your routine to help fully support healthy hair growth, from the inside and out.


At Grofully, we’re serious about science and our philosophy is simple: we believe that the more you know about hair, why it grows and why it stops, the better you can support your system in growing and maintaining the best hair possible. That’s what we call a proactive approach to hair loss through holistic hair wellness and that’s why we offer proven hair loss products and kits that make repairing and regrowing hair easy, from shampoos to supplements.


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