Best Natural Hair Loss Treatments for the Winter

Best Natural Hair Loss Treatments for the Winter

Winter is in the air, but it's not kind to our hair. With the right winter hair care tips, you can protect your hair from becoming fragile and at risk of fallout. Keep reading for more.

The winter season is the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be one of the hardest on our hair and scalp. Between holiday party hairstyles, seasonal stresses and harsh winter climates, the end of the year brings with it lots of reasons why the holidays may affect your hair health and potentially lead to hair loss in the winter.

So, how do you take care of your hair, minimize holiday hair stress and prevent hair loss naturally during winter months? We've put together the best natural hair loss treatments and tips so you can give yourself, or someone special, the gift of gorgeous hair into the New Year.

Best Natural Hair Loss Treatments for the Winter

1. Moisturize your hair and scalp with hair oil to help with hair loss

If you live someplace where the winters are cold or dry your climate could be affecting your hair growth. More often than not, exposure to the harsh cold elements and constant transition to heated indoors for holiday parties can remove moisture from our hair, causing hair to lose its shine and be more susceptible to static, split ends and breakage. Plus, a dry climate and overstyling from social gatherings can lead to scalp irritation, dandruff and heat tool damage which can affect hair health and growth.

To help keep hair hydrated, healthy and long, try this DIY overnight coconut oil hair and scalp mask.

Here’s how coconut oil helps hair loss, naturally:

- Penetrates the hair shaft, unlike other oils that just sit on top
- Moisturizes the scalp and helps with dandruff and inflammation
- Contains fatty acids to help repair and prevent split ends
- Antioxidants in oil keep hair follicles healthy and stimulate growth
- Keeps hair from losing protein while washing – hair stays thicker
- Helps prevent breakage allowing hair to grow longer

Tip: Add a little peppermint oil to your hair mask for a festive scent- the peppermint will help stimulate your scalp!



2. Give yourself the gift of a scalp massage to help with hair loss this winter season

If you want to naturally grow fuller hair this holiday season start at the scalp. Science shows that scalp health is key to hair health and preventing hair loss. Your scalp is the production centre for hair, with each strand growing from an individual follicle that relies on blood circulation to carry nutrients and vitamins to the follicle to help support a normal growth cycle.

If seasonal social gatherings and stress get in the way of your scalp and hair health the best natural hair loss treatment to start with is a simple head massage! It’s easy to remember to do in the shower, don’t shampoo your hair too often, but when you do make sure you use a hair thickening shampoo and give your head a good scrub. Use a lot of friction with your fingertips all over your scalp to help stimulate blood flow, wake up dormant follicles and encourage hair to grow.

Tip: Add a hair growth serum to your scalp before you give it a good massage for added hair loss support, such as the Grofully Hair Regrowth Treatment. 


3. Include these festive hair foods into your diet to help with hair loss

The best way to naturally support your hair growth through the holidays is by eating! Hair loss happens for a number of reasons (sometimes more than one) but at the end of the day, if our diet isn’t comprised of enough of the key nutrients and minerals that hair needs to grow our hair will shed and dormant follicles can shrink. Some of the essentials your hair needs include protein, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin C, iron and zinc, among others.

Consider adding these festive foods onto your next grocery list as a tasty way to naturally help grow your hair over the holidays:

- 🥕 Carrots: Contain vital growth-promoting vitamins such as vitamin A and biotin which help accelerate keratin production to grow strong strands.

- 🎃 Pumpkin: Contain Biotin (B-7) which is the king of the B vitamins because it promotes super hair growth. B-7 also aids in the production of keratin protein.

- 🥜 Dried Nuts & Fruit: Nuts and fruit are a rich source of protein, healthy fats, and zinc. Zinc and is important for hair growth, but our bodies cant make it on our own. The best sources of these vital elements are nuts and seeds.

Tip: The holidays are busy and finding time to eat right can be tough. Try a hair loss supplement to help with diet deficiencies and grow hair easily.

4. Start a natural hair growth routine to help with hair loss

Naturally regrowing your hair often requires a multidirectional approach, which means you may have to combine different tactics or treatments for the best results. Look for natural hair growth products that fit into your routine, such as shampoos and supplements. Gift sets, such as the Grofully Routine Regrowth Kit, are the perfect gift under the tree for men or women wanting to make the resolution of fuller hair next year with proven and plant-based products.


Hair loss can be a problem no matter what the season but the good news is it’s never too late and there are lots of natural hair loss treatments to help.

The holidays are a great time to give yourself the gift of a path to fuller, thicker hair. Start by visiting to get a heads up on hair loss and shop their best selling hair loss products and kits. And if you have black hair that's seen healthier days, be sure to check out our recent blog post on the best hair growth products for black hair, just released last week!


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