A New Age Of Hair Loss: Early Signs of Hair Loss in a Younger Generation

A New Age Of Hair Loss: Early Signs of Hair Loss in a Younger Generation

Hair loss is affecting younger generations of men and women for reasons that go beyond a family history of balding grandfathers. Keep reading to know how to recognize the first signs hair loss and poor hair health for ways you can help prevent and treat it before it's too late.

Our world is changing quickly and the face of hair loss is changing with it.


Balding relatives are no longer a blueprint to one’s own hair future and a gorgeous mane of hair is not guaranteed to stay lush. What was once a condition we associated with genetics and old age is now becoming a very worrisome and common concern for a generation of men and women, some as young as in their 20s.


Work and pandemic stress, poor diet, lifestyle choices, hormone imbalances and even lack of exercise are among the few possible reasons younger generations are noticing their first signs of hair loss at an early age. As a result, men and women are now looking to science-based hair care solutions and opting for preventative hair loss support, sooner. Read more about the early signs of hair loss, here.


While hair loss signs and symptoms at a young age can be alarming, it’s important to remember that the earlier thinning hair is noticed, the easier it may be to treat. The solution may be as simple as a minor adjustment in diet or reducing stress. Regardless, to understand why hair loss happens it helps to first have a basic understanding of how hair grows to know how you can best proactively help support your strands using science instead of snake oils.


The Hair Growth Cycle

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