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    Your hair in your hands. With a little help from ours.

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Choose your hair growth plan

Choose your hair growth plan

Worried about hair loss or simply want fuller hair?

We can help with proven growth treatments, for every stage of hair health.

  • Cleanse & Defend Kit

    For men and women who have a full head of hair, but want to keep it hydrated and healthy to protect from damage and fallout.

    *Delivered monthly.

    TRY FOR $22.00/month 
  • Gold Regrowth Kit

    For men and women who need support with hair thinning and loss in specific areas, like at the hairline or crown.
    *Delivered monthly.

    TRY FOR $33.93/month 
  • Platinum Regrowth Kit

    For men and women who need advanced support with hair loss, looking to repair and regrow thicker, fuller hair all over the head.
    *Delivered monthly.

    TRY FOR $59.16/month 
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  • “Highly Recommended”

    My hair started thinning and shedding after I had kids and nothing I tried worked. After searching for options and losing hope I decided to try out Grofully. I’m so glad I did!

    - Stephanie M.

  • “Trust the process”

    Being in my 30’s I was horrified my hair was getting thinner so I decided to try this product. I’ve been using the drops for about 3 months and I’ll be honest I was about to give up, but I trusted the process and WOW! My hair feels fuller and I feel a lot more confident. No more wearing hats to hide my thinning hair.

    - Trey P.

  • “My new favourite product”

    It’s rare to find a product that actually does what it promises, but this stuff works. I bought this kit because I felt like my hair was thinning and damaged from years of treatments and stress. Thanks to Grofully my hair is now thicker than it’s ever been.

    - Aisha B.

  • “Hair has never been healthier”

    I was skeptical at first but the photos speak for themselves. You can see the difference in thickness, especially on my crown and around my hairline. I would recommend Grofully to anyone who’s having hair loss issues or wants to improve the health of their scalp and hair.

    - Jeff M.

  • “Grew my confidence”

    My hair was thinning around my hairline and as a woman who always had thick hair I lost a lot of confidence. Around the end of my 3rd shipment I noticed significant baby hairs and regrowth. You can no longer see my scalp and my hair feels strong!

    - Desiree S.

  • “Does what it promises”

    35 years old and I now have my 18 year old hairline back! All of my friends and family were pushing me to "shave it off".. telling me things like I would look good bald or it's mostly gone already. I didn't take that for an answer, thanks Grofully! Got my hair and confidence back.

    - Gordon M.

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